6 Up-and-Coming Male Fashion Influencers With #Style

It’s February which means the heat is simmering up and we’re preparing to say goodbye to winter. Brands are coming out with new fashions for the changing season, and consumers are looking for style inspirations to fit the latest trends.

Oftentimes, men’s fashion is put on the backburner as traditional media tends to focus more on women’s clothing. To break the cycle, AspireIQ is here to help your brand branch out and bring men’s fashion content through to trendsetting influencers. Here are six up-and-coming male fashion influencers perfect for elevating your next campaign.

@maxbarringer - 14.5k followers

Max Barringer is a Chattanooga-born influencer living in Charlotte. His content typically features trendy outfits and accessories as well as styling tips. In the past, he has worked with brands like Daniel Wellington, BooHooMAN, and Atlantic Records.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: casual streetwear, sunglasses, and watches

  • Most-mentioned brand: Zara

  • Audience location: Tennessee, New York, Los Angeles (Small Paris audience)

  • Audience interests:

    • 41.8% Restaurants, Food & Grocery

    • 46.0% Friends, Family & Relationships

    • 46.5% Travel, Tourism & Aviation

    • 49.5% Camera & Photography

    • 62.1% Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

@everydaydrew - 50.7k followers


Drew Westphal is an influencer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Along with his Instagram account, he runs a fashion blog where he shares comfortable outfit ideas and reviews products and trends. He has worked with brands like L.L. Bean, Zappos, and Lucky Brand.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: polished streetwear, denim brands, and shoes

  • Most mentioned brand: J. Crew

  • Audience location: New York City, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles

  • Audience interests:

    • 34.3% Activewear

    • 37.5% Travel, Tourism & Aviation

    • 38.9% Restaurants, Food & Grocery

    • 43.6% Camera & Photography

    • 64.0% Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

@byollieb - 31.8k followers


Ollie Burton is a fashion and lifestyle blogger living in London. He engages with his online community by promoting his fashion, fitness, and lifestyle tips. He has worked with brands like Topman, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Primark.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: trendy everyday clothes, swimwear, and athleisure

  • Most mentioned brand: Ted Baker

  • Audience location: London, NYC, and Los Angeles

  • Audience interests:

    • 64.1% Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

    • 52.0% Camera & Photography

    • 50.7% Travel, Tourism & Aviation

    • 46.0% Restaurants, Food & Grocery

    • 43.8% Friends, Family & Relationships

@darion_famous - 66.2k followers


Darion Benzo Famous is a tastemaker from Los Angeles. His content often shows off statement-making outerwear that displays his unique street style. He has worked with brands such as Puma and New Balance in the past.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: bold outerwear, athleisure, and athletic shoes

  • Audience location: Los Angeles, New York City, and Paris

  • Audience interests:

    • 69.6% Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

    • 43.7% Activewear

    • 41.4% Camera & Photography

    • 34.0% Art & Design

    • 30.0% Luxury Goods

@poloshyyt - 68k followers

Louis Polo is a GQ Insider, Vogue Insider, and influencer on multiple platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. His content often features men’s accessories, showcasing his unique style. He has worked with brands like Fossil, Daniel Wellington, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: luxury watches, sunglasses, and shoes

  • Most mentioned brand: H&M

  • Audience location: United States and Saudi Arabia

  • Audience interests:

    • 52.0% Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

    • 40.1% Camera & Photography

    • 38.4% Friends, Family & Relationships

    • 33.7% Restaurants, Food & Grocery

    • 33.2% Beauty & Cosmetics

@dennmitch - 62.24k followers

Dennis Mitch is a lifestyle and fashion influencer from Munich. On both his Instagram feed and personal blog, he highlights luxury goods and trendy outfit ideas. He has worked with brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Zalando, and Diesel.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: business casual attire, luxury accessories and shoes

  • Audience location: Russia, Germany, and the United States

  • Audience interests:

    • 59.6% Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

    • 47.2% Travel, Tourism & Aviation

    • 46.2% Friends, Family & Relationships

    • 43.8% Restaurants, Food & Grocery

    • 43.2% Camera & Photography